3D Printing

The quickly evolving world of 3D printing is fast becoming a valuable tool in many industries. However, the multitude of printers, materials and the associated equipment, training and maintenance costs, can make it a daunting and confusing prospect for those unfamiliar with the technology.

With a wealth of experience and a range of 3D printers from the worlds leading manufacturers, Revolv3D provide easy, fast and cost efficient access to the latest professional grade 3D printing technologies.

Our expert operators can quickly help you assess the potential applications for 3D printing for you, assuring you choose the correct 3D printing technology and materials for your application.

Whether you require models for presentations, scale models for product development, or are considering 3D printing for the manufacture of completed end products, Revolv3D can help.

Materials and Sizes

Our ever increasing range or printers are capable of printing in a variety of materials including:-

Full colour sandstone (up to 203x203x254mm and 0.1mm resolution)

DSC_7395 DSC_7418

Monochrome Sandstone (up to 203x203x254mm at 0.1mm resolution)

Plastics including ABS and PLA (up to 283x153x155mm at 0.1mm resolution)

Super High resolution castable resin (up to 43x27x150mm at 0.056mm resolution)

Other materials and sizes also available.  Contact us for details.

Print Prices

Prices for a single print range from a couple of pounds to a few hundred, often resulting in a low per unit cost. This is especially true for small batches, where tooling costs can be prohibitive to the viability of traditional manufacturing techniques.

To get a full no obligation quote, contact us with your requirements.

File Formats

We can accept a wide variety of 3D file formats including:-

For single colour prints, stl files are preferred.

For full colour prints, ply, obj or vmrl files preferred.

If you are unable to provide a file in one of these formats, don’t worry, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Design and Scan Services

If you do not have a 3D model or would prefer to provide a physical object, rough model or scan data, Revolv3D can provide 3D Design and/or scanning service.

We utilise the latest in 3D design and/or scanning tools, ensuring your object is perfectly recreated. Costs are proportional to the complexity of the task, starting at £75.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your requirements.